I know, you were thinking I quit painting watercolor and I was going into the business of RV remodeling.

Not so.

Although, this is not “new” art work, it is new to you.

My DSLR won’t connect to either computer any more so I couldn’t get anything off compact flash card. I finally bought a card reader and I have 3 paintings to show.


Boats Off Phi Phi 72 Art

Boats Off Phi Phi Watercolor on Paper, ©Elisha Dasenbrock 2011

The above is the oldest. I finished it in 2011. It is from my trip to Thailand. It is in the private collection of Margaret Walkosz.

The Beas Knees 72

The Beas Knees 12″ X 12″ watercolor on claybord, ©Elisha Dasenbrock 2012

The above is a portrait of Beasley when he was a puppy. This went pretty fast, I think maybe 6-12 hours total and it started re-enforced my love of claybord.

Giraffes 72

Giraffes 5″ x 7″ watercolor on claybord, ©Elisha Dasenbrock 2013

Hummingbird On Yellow 72

Hummingbird On Yellow 5″ x 7″ watercolor on claybord, ©Elisha Dasenbrock 2013

The two above are experiments.

So, there you have it and there you are.   Now I can inventory them. Yeaaaaaah!


Painter’s Block

I still haven’t touched the elephants and the owl. I keep them on my scanner at work, hoping to figure out what to do next if I stare at them long enough.


Today, I brought in the giraffes and hummingbird to show a consultant to the company.

I sat the paintings on my scanner as well. I am hoping for one of two things:


  1. By seeing all four paintings together, maybe I can see how to get the unfinished two on the same level as the finished two. 
  2. Get motivation to finish the latest two from the finished two.


Painter's Block

It may be working.



Giraffes 5″ X 7″ Watercolor on Claybord 2013 $100.00                       

I have moved on to smaller paintings for the moment. Mostly for mental reasons. I wanted to feel like I was actually accomplishing something. The smaller sizes also allow me to experiment and fail without investing a lot of time. If I like something I can add it to a bigger painting later.

I also want a few pieces of more affordable work.  These are also a part of the larger project I was alluding to in my welcome post.  Wink, wink.

I really love Claybord. It makes me very happy.  This piece will be on available for purchase soon.