About The Artist

Elisha Dasenbrock

Ee-lee-sha  Da-zen-brock

I know what you’re thinking. Who is that delightful,  currently stationary vagabond? I ask myself that same question every morning when I look in the mirror. So let me tell you what I know so far:

Photo Credit: Jive Photos

I was born and raised in a town of roughly 70 people, in the middle of Illinois. If you like cornfields and beer it’s great. If you like a little more variety, a weekend will do.   I went to a private art school, where I earned my Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Watercolor.  I lived in Chicago for 8 years. The Windy City will always be my home and I miss it terribly. I do not miss the cold so I will continue to wave from afar.

I love to travel. I’ve been to Thailand, Jamaica, Holland, France, and a large number of the contiguous United States.

I’m a feminist and a moderate, but I look a lot like a liberal at first glance. Mostly because there isn’t much middle ground when it comes to human rights. These things do affect my art.

I have a pack of dogs. Lola, the boss, Beasley, the beast, he destroys everything and that makes me sad, and Gunnar, the little prince my pet monster. He destroys everything, runs away constantly, and bullies the other two and that makes me sad. He makes Beasley look like the best dog ever. You’ll see them around.

I have a dog, Beasley, the beast. Lola died (July 2023) and Gunnar is temporarily staying with a friend. He is very happy in his current living situation and I still see him often. I just don’t have the heart to remove him or Lola from this page.

Join us on our adventures.

Art stuff I’m involved with:

Former President of Greenville Artists Guild (formerly known as Our Common Ground Art Guild)

Former Executive Board Member of Our Common Ground Arts Organization 

Hobbies: Reading, knitting, travel, go karts, Super Mario Bros., darts, telling my dogs to get off the bed and stop barking. Asking them why they are whining. Usurping male authority. Also, shooting guns. At paper, not people.

Favorite Books: The Life of Pi, Pride and Prejudice, and the Outlander series. (Fun fact: I’ve spent more than half my life waiting for one or another Outlander books to come out. Ok, it’s not really fun, but it is a fact.)

Favorite Artists: John Singer Sargent, Artemisia Gentileschi, Courbet (The Origin of the World is my favorite painting. Be careful, it’s filthy. I enjoy appropriate titles.), Monet, Egon Schiele, Charles Reid, and pretty much every woman artist I’ve read about. They are impressive. You should really check them out.

Dislikes: Being called Leesh, the patriarchy, anyone who says Rickon should have zig-zagged (you’re just wrong. It was entirely Jon’s fault. Fight me.), black pepper.

I used to live full-time in an RV that I rebuilt with my brother and a friend. I  travel across the country.  I currently split my time between Illinois and St. Louis so I can pursue some volunteer opportunities and hang with some other artists from time to time. If you want to know how to volunteer in your pajamas from the comfort of your own couch, or help some kids, hit me up.

And now you know more about me than anyone who ever read one of my old online dating profiles. You’re more likely to get a response too.