I would still be in Florida, but my older brother is getting married.  I am heading back to the tundra formerly known as Illinois. I wanted to have photos for this post, but the internet is very slow at this camp site when the employees are here. At night, it’s […]

The Last Days

Of course, the first thing the puppy chewed up was my laptop cord (He’s another monster!). I didn’t have a laptop with The Beast and little Lola hasn’t been a puppy for 7 years. I forgot that was a thing for puppies. He’s doing pretty good. He developed rickets and […]

Another Monster

I was not feeling well last week and did not get a lot accomplished on the RV. We still made progress, just not a lot. I did manage to make a few purchases while I was feeling under the weather. Since I don’t have a lot of other progress, I […]

Big Spender