What is a limited palette?   A palette is the colors an artist uses in his/her painting. A limited palette is when an artist uses only a few colors, up to six, in his/her painting. It may look like the artist uses more because he/she uses the colors in his/her palette to create the others.


Do you really think you can earn a living painting?  Yes.


Will you sign my print?  No. I’m sorry. If it isn’t already signed, it won’t be signed.


Do you do commissions?     Possibly, let’s talk.


Will you donate a painting for XYZ charity?  Probably not, but if the charity is something close to my heart, I might. I will donate prints/calendars/money/time/Beasley Gunnar/etc. to almost any charity that asks, if I am able. 

Why won’t you donate your originals? Are you a big meany? I don’t think I’m a meany. I have many reasons for only doing a rare donation of original works, if you would like to read about a few of them, I have provided some links:

Donating Art To Charity Has A Downside For Artists.

Pros and Cons of Donating Art to Auctions

The Problem With Donating Art

I would like to help, I just don’t want to hurt myself in the process and, maybe I’m presumptuous, but I’d like to believe you wouldn’t want that either.

Why on Earth do you want to live in an RV? Why don’t you?

  • As much as I loved living in Chicago, at times,  I don’t like living around people.  I have a really big personal space bubble.  I have ideas and goals that some people may think are crazy…[insert pointed look here]… and I need my space to see them through without others chiming in before I’m ready.  I have to recharge.


  • I love to travel. I can’t travel, rent an apartment, own a car, kennel my dogs, pay my student loans, and eat all at the same time. However, I can have a house that is a car that allows me to travel with my dogs that I wouldn’t want to leave behind anyway. Whoa, an interesting, yet not uncommon, solution to my dilemma. Fancy. That.


  • The longest I have ever lived in one place since I was 15, was two years. Now I don’t have to pack and unpack all that stuff.  Or look for a new apartment. 


  • Adventure!


  • Even though I need my space from people at times, I love meeting new people. I also love seeing my friends who live all over the country.