2014, don’t call me, I’ll call you. Mmmkay?

I saw so many people writing end of the year posts in early December. I’m so glad I waited. Some of the most exciting things happened to me on the very last day of the year. I signed an agreement with a gallery, I entered the Splash watercolor book contest, and a few other things.

This year has literally had at least one over the top thing happen every single month. Some good, some bad.

January: Started out on this crazy nomad life. Woot for almost a full year of adventure!
February: I found Apalachicola. I adopted Gunnar. What a little precious!



Squeeeee all that cute! It’s almost painful. The yet to be year-long and going campaign of destruction, truly painful.


This happened too.

March: Spent weeks with one of my BFFs and her son. Gunnar developed rickets….several hunder bucks later thanks to the x-rays of an unbelieving vet, he’s all better.  Apparently, rickets is extremely rare these days.
April: My older brother got married!
May: A difficult month, personally, but I did very much enjoy the Springfield, IL state fairgrounds.
June: Spent time with my family.  If you knew certain members of my family, you would know why this is all that is included.
July: Transmission blown.  First blown tire. Started running and eating mostly Paleo. I started and eventually completed my first Nerdfitness.com challenge (of which I start another round on the 5th). Started meditating.
August: Radiator was next to go and my free refrigerator.
September: Starved Rock with my pal Jesus, blown tire, Grandma got sick. Boo pneumonia. The Sims4, which frankly could be listed under both good and bad.

October: Took care of my Grams. Family went bonkers. Or just showed their true colors. Beasley ear infection
November: Dealt with bonkers family and made sure my Grandma wasn’t shoved into an early grave. So many paintings. So many etsying and facebook paging.  Helped save an orphaned kitty. Got a new car. Great family Thanksgiving. Started gratitude journal. Started my news letter.
December: Lord, where to even start. Back on the road. More bonkers family. An infected cyst. Mice. A new gallery. Holidays. Beautiful sunshine and great people.  365 facebook likes. Sold paintings. Good food. Hiking. Gunnar ear infection. Gunnar weighs 73 lbs.  Fantastic ER experience, times 2 thanks to infected cyst.



I can say without a doubt, there was no dull moment in 2014. I feel like I’ve lived a decade in the last year. For every low there was an equal high and for that I’m thankful.