Link Love (Paleo Edition)

Speaking of a new routine, I have eaten almost 100% paleo for a few weeks. I heard about it for years, as I’m sure you have. I believe I first heard of it from Dooce.  Glenn is also a fan. However, I didn’t give it a serious look until I started reading Nerd Fitness. I say almost 100% because I still have goat cheese and sour cream almost everyday and I have a bit of creamer in my coffee. (More on that in a minute.) I have yet to find one recipe I do not adore. And yes, I feel better/more energized/etc.  But really, the easy, quick, delicious recipes are what sold me.

I was looking for a cookie recipe to help me break my sugar habit and having some paleo type chocolate is a must. Enter Paleomg.  I found double chocolate cookies.  My first batch was truly awful. It was heart breaking. I still ate them. *hangs head

Because I still finished them off, (1 a day) I was brave enough to try again. I over baked them. My RV oven usually takes longer so I added time automatically.  I added mint extract the second batch because I ran out of vanilla. The third batch I added walnuts. Now I have walnut double chocolate mint cookies and I could not be happier. I bought the coconut sugar to use in the next batch instead of the stevia I have used.

I tried her pulled pork with apples and while I liked it (it would be great on a sandwich with some mayo), I prefer this pulled pork recipe. I have eaten it almost every night for 3 weeks. I tried a few variations, but my favorite way to eat them is to heat up the meat with some pineapple, I love crushed, put it all on some romaine lettuce leaves, add some goat cheese and sour cream, and  a bit of jalapeño.  So messy, so yum.  Heating the pineapple is crucial.

Back to Paleomg.  This week I made her cherry jam crepes. This is a little more complicated, but only because you need to make 3 extremely simple recipes. Completely worth the effort. I was going to say it’s great for Sunday breakfast or if you have company, but after looking at it again, I think I’m going to make it just for me again tomorrow. I already have the whipped topping because I made some just to put in my coffee. That’s how easy it is. I just literally whipped some up this morning so I could have it in my coffee. Now I won’t be sad when my current bottle of creamer is gone and I go full paleo coffee. I do like bullet proof coffee, but that is actually more work than making your own whipped cream out of coconut cream. I wonder if I could add butter…..Why can you have butter, but not other dairy?

I also tried my hand at ice cream. I did not add spinach. Yeah, it’s delicious too.

I believe it was the fall of 2010 when I decided to give up Coca Cola. It took me until January of this year to even consider giving up other soda. I haven’t had any since then. I switched to Gatorade, sweet tea, lemonade, etc.  Most people would consider all that the same thing, but it isn’t. Not mentally. I back that up with evidence that it took me years to give up other soda and only months to give up the rest. 3 weeks ago I gave up everything else except coffee and unsweetened tea. It has been so easy.  I have between 85 and 100 oz of water every day. I actually go to the bathroom less. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night either.

I’m not hardcore paleo, although I’m getting there. I am not above going out for a regular meal with family/friends. I won’t demand anyone cater to my dietary needs. I just prefer paleo.

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Elisha Dasenbrock is an award winning, international watercolor artist. She paints with a limited palette on claybord. Dasenbrock graduated from the American Academy of Art in 2009 and has been painting professionally ever since.