Here’s what I ‘ve been up to: Watching videos about artists. Art 21 is an amazing resource to learn about all types of art and artists. Reading articles, like this one, about artists. What do you think? Should the girl stay or go? Looking up Bullet Journal layouts on Pinterest. […]

Sunday Link Love

This week I’m going to focus on sketchbook themes. The Sketchbook Project is an excellent resource. You select a theme, pay the fee, they send you a sketchbook. Once you are finished, you send it back and they put it on display with thousands of other sketchbooks. Spend a little […]

Link Love

I thought I would share some links for sketching since we started the Sketch-A-Long this week. 10 Sketching Tips For Beginners Top 10 Mistakes Beginners Make Need ideas? The Every Day Matters Facebook Group is full of inspiration. I never post to the group, but I love the sketches that […]

Link Love – Sketching

Technology has me beat, but not for long. I’m waiting for a new card reader so I can share images of my 30 paintings in 30 days. I should get it on Saturday. I just remembered I have a scanner and if I can get it to work, I may […]

Technology has me beat,

Today, after checking out several new artists on the 30 in 30 challenge I headed over to the art gallery to wrap up the work on my paintings. As I left the were being beautifully arranged by Leslie, the owner. While I was there we worked on adding me to […]

The Bowery Art Gallery

I love the idea of drawing on wood. These drawings are wonderful and so life-like, I had a moment of panic when I noticed his ear buds next to the “spilled” wine. At first glance, I also thought the pug was a sculpture, al la deer trophies.   Photo credit […]

Drawings on Wood

Looking through the art and culture section of Huffington Post, I came across two articles about hotels. My favorite is the Pantone Hotel: Photo credit, Pantone Hotels     But I would turn my nose up at any of these.

Art Hotels?

This is a little “everything but the kitchen sink.”  I could have split it up, but I’m hoping to have much more content coming soon. After Vandalia, I went to the very popular Starved Rock state park in Illinois for my birthday. Now I’m in one of the prettiest parks […]

Carlyle And Some Cool Happenings

Speaking of a new routine, I have eaten almost 100% paleo for a few weeks. I heard about it for years, as I’m sure you have. I believe I first heard of it from Dooce.  Glenn is also a fan. However, I didn’t give it a serious look until I started reading Nerd […]

Link Love (Paleo Edition)

So far Florida is only sort of living up to my expectations.  Yes, I did get to wear a tank top yesterday and take the dogs for a long walk. Yes, my camp site is free. However, you get what you pay for in this case.  The camp area is […]