From Me To You

Edit: I meant to delete this post because I did not live up to my promise. I’m sorry. Past me completely over-estimated my ability to care about much of anything after my grandma died and when I’m normally a spotty at best blogger, that’s just a recipe for, well, this […]

You Like Me? You Really Like Me?

Buy art when you love it anyway, even if you don’t have room for it. Once we get use to something we become blind to it, we take what we see every day for granted. Rotating your art is a great way to get around this phenomenon. My Grandma used to […]

Have More Art Than Wall Space?

Hey! How have you been? I have some good news, I hope. I’m revamping this blog. I have 104 post ideas and I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks making rough drafts and hopefully having someone else edit them.  That’s a year’s worth of content that I’m passionate […]

Yet Another Brief Update.