Bad Dog Comics – Gunnar’s Great Escape

I recommend clicking on the first image and scrolling through the comic with the arrows on the side. If you can read my writing that is. If not, I have typed out the words below each image. Just click on any images that are for some reason, very tiny. Sorry about that.

Oh man. I’m so ready to take on the day!


Hmmm….my phone isn’t working and I have a call I can’t miss.


Ok guys. We have to pack up the WHOLE RV and get to town so I can get ahold of Kelley.

Lola – Ok…
Beasley – Yep.

Gunnar – …….


Ok. You two run around while I pack. Then, we’ll get going.

Beasley – Great!

Lola – What about me?

Gunnar – (sucker)


… 30 minutes later…

That wasn’t so bad…

Okay dogs, in the house!

Beasley – That was fun!

In the house, Gunnar.

Gunnar – Bite me.

Come on. We don’t time. I’ll be late.

Gunnar – I said. Bite. Me.

Now you’re just being rude.

Gunnar – Glad you caught on.

Fine. I’ll shower and you can stay out here by yourself.

Gunnar – Fine by me. Stupid.

 Why is that dog so dang stubborn?


Gunnar – haaaa haaaa

Gunnar – You can never take my Freeeeedom!

Gunnar get in the house!

Gunnar – NEVER!

45 extremely frustrating minutes later…..


Please, get in the car. Why don’t you love me? (Sob)

Gunnar – This is my home now. I belong here.

 You belong with us!

 Fine. I’m leaving.

This will do the trick. He’ll think I’m leaving him.

Bye, Fool. You can’t trick me.

I’ll show him.

Tore up all my stuff….

Bites the other dogs….

Has a bad attitude.

Gunnar – Bye!

Wait! Come back! I love you. I’m sorry!


I’m sorry too. Let’s get in the house!


I’m not sorry!

Kiss my butt, dummy!

If you can catch it!

  That’s it! I hope I never see you again!

Then, I have an idea…..

But why don’t you take this bone in case you get hungry?

  Wuuuuu? Heck yeah. I’m always hungry. You’re such an easy mark.


  Let’s go William Wallace.

  This isn’t over.

Stop talking with your mouth full. Brat.

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