Great News

Here’s the link to my Studio Vox feature. I’m really excited about this write-up because they came to me. That always feels good.

I found my old cell phone that acts as a hot spot so I can get online for a few posts here and there. I have very poor reception at my land so I will post when I can. Hopefully scheduling a few posts at a time. .

Even better news; I bought an Apple pencil. It really is as amazing as they say. I even have a new Bad Dog Comic coming soon. I just have to figure out why some images look smaller than others.

Yesterday was a nightmare. When I realized my phone was dead and I needed to drive an hour to the phone store, a certain dog would not cooperate and get in the RV.  It took me more than an hour to get him in. I had a deadline so it was really frustrating.

The really great news is that I met some amazing people. I off-hand mentioned my situation to a woman working at the A&W and she let me use her computer to email Kelley to cancel our call  before I missed it. Very important. It was a small act for her, but it made me want to cry. I was a little emotional by that point.

Then, the people at the AT&T store were fabulous and we had some really cool conversations.

I really lucked out with the store location as it was right next to a Starbucks. I sat outside and painted for about an hour. That helped me feel productive.

I got back to the area really late and didn’t want to drive on my road in the dark so I stayed at the Wal-Mart. It worked out great since I’m using a good internet connection and I am about to buy a burn barrel for my land.

Now it is back to the wilderness I go.


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