Very Bad (Step) Grandpa

Painting Title_016

“E. is coming over tomorrow to help watch Grandma while you are at your doctor and I have things to do.”

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Painting Title_018

Yeah, it’s kind of hard to hide the shock at the amount of vitriol that came out of his mouth out of nowhere.

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Painting Title_020

¬†Much quieter, “She is a money hungry bitch.”

Painting Title_021

“Why because she came here to work and expects to get paid per the agreement? Like any man would? What a terrible thing to say about someone who has been nothing but nice to you!”


Painting Title_022

Public Service Announcement:

Just because someone has ovaries does not mean they work for free. Nor does it mean requesting payment that any man would not only be entitled to, but considered a good business man and would in fact be giving the person a good deal, that she is money hungry or a bitch. It means she did a job and is entitled to payment.

However, if you consider a woman to be a money hungry bitch (or any version thereof) for expecting payment for services rendered, you are in fact a misogynistic ass.  True story. I hope this clears things up.

About Elisha

Elisha Dasenbrock is an award winning, international watercolor artist. She paints with a limited palette on claybord. Dasenbrock graduated from the American Academy of Art in 2009 and has been painting professionally ever since.