Norcold, You Had Me At Free Refrigerator

Yesterday was very jam-packed with errands and such. The most exciting was having my new fridge installed, thanks to the Norcold RV refrigerator recall.  I did not even know how much I hated my old fridge until I got this one, but let me back up.

Ode To Old Fridge:

You really sucked bad
You ruined so much food stuff
Yes, I hated you.

This fridge would go out all the time. Usually the day after I bought a bunch of groceries. There was no light. It took me months of trial and error to stop freezing my food in the fridge section. It didn’t have a catch basin or water control so water was always all over my food, causing gross messes. I don’t know how many times I cleaned that thing in the last few months. Or had my niece clean it. Don’t worry, she got paid. There were only 2 shelves so I had to stack food on top of other food. It was nutritional Jenga, people. Do you know how fun it is to do that in a moving fridge? It’s not. But I dealt because that’s what I do.

It sure was pretty on the outside though. At least compared to a faux wood panel it used to be.

Inside Old Fridge

Inside Old Fridge

See, 2 1/2 shelves. I did remove the second shelf in the freezer because the new one only came with 1. Come on Norcold. Work with me here. And what is with that dedicated juice concentrate dispenser?  Did people really drink that much frozen juice in 1995?

And The Angels Sang Unto Heaven.

And The Angels Sang Unto Heaven.

Oh, you sweet, sweet machine. I don’t even care that you are a giant black hole in my otherwise lovely white kitchen. You make my life better just by being in it.  Can I tell you about this wonderful masterpiece of an appliance? Oui? Well, let me get started then.  The most wonderful thing about this black beauty is when I plug into shore power, it automatically switches from gas to electric and it switches back when I unplug. Oh the propane I shall save!  The Other did not even switch to electric the last month or so I had it.

Let There Be Light...No Seriously, I Have A Light Now.

Let There Be Light…No Seriously, I Have A Light Now.

 Yeah, the Other didn’t have a light either. Do you see all the shelf space? The Other was full. I can arrange things now.

Freezer Freeze

Freezer Freeze

Oh snap. Look at all that space. Usually it is a little more organized, but I had to shove it all in after the fridge installation.  And do you see, the controls are up around eye level? And no flip switch to go bad?


I want to recite love sonnets to it all day.  I want to tell it how wonderful it is and that I’ll never stop loving it. And run my hand along its smooth surface every time I walk past.

The door opens opposite so that is hard to get used to, but I can actually take the shelves out without removing the door now. And the doors. Oh my. If you let the door go, and they get close to the frame, they close the rest of the way themselves. I want to weep with joy and gratitude. I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. It’s mine, it’s really mine.  I don’t even mind that it took almost 5 grand in engine work to lead me to a new, free fridge. I didn’t even have to pay labor costs.

So if you are in the Vandalia, IL area and need fridge repair work, go to K & M Refrigeration. I can’t speak highly enough of the man.

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