Now We Are Cooking

It’s amazing what three adults and a 13 yr old can do. Who am I kidding…it’s amazing what a 13 yr old can do, especially when the promise of burning and smashing things looms large.

Luckily, we had one tag along.


 The 13yo was responsible for clearing off most of the above wall. His reward was using the mallet to smash the bed frame.  He scraped like a demon.  This wall is where the bed is. You can see the fresh water tank in the bottom left.


The back wall. You can see the track for the bed frame. (Spoiler alert: I’ve been told this wall, from the ceiling to the seam has been taken down to the siding as well.)

right wallWhile this photo is a little blurry, I’m very proud of this. Not only did we get the other side cleaned off and ready to seal/paint, we got the large floor cabinet off with barely any trouble. I think we are becoming pros at this.  Or maybe it was because I did the easy part and my friend did the hard stuff. Either way, so much easier than the rest. Not only that, but it is still almost all intact. Why didn’t I get a pic of that?

bathroom wall


This is the wall to the bathroom. The good news is we can leave it up. There was no rot on the wall, but we need to remove at least the paneling (this side is done already) so we can get out that bit of blue styrofoam and paneling.

I think I found the culprit to this area of water damage. The awning is after market. They put it up in such a way that it is blocking the underbed/outside storage. You can see the door in the lower right corner.  You can only open this door after the awning is open.  A screw holding the awning in place is directly in the middle a bubble in the siding that also corresponds to the water damage.

I know, I’m a master deducer.

I am not surprised they did not seal such a hole considering how well they thought out the awning placement.

We also resealed some siding panels. They had popped apart, probably from the awning water damage. They were sealed with clear acrylic sealer and it was not done well.  I scraped the sealer out and cleaned the seam. Then we used 3M-90 spray adhesive. It seemed to work well. We duct taped the seam and it held fairly well. I will remove the duct tape this weekend to see how the sealant looks.


The adhesive looks to be water resistant. I will use it to adhere the metal studs to the vinyl siding.




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