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Thank You

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Old Man On A Bench


Joe Sleeping

Elisha Dasenbrock 2009 JOE Watercolor

Spring Follows Winter

Elisha Dasenbrock 2009 SPRING FOLLOWS WINTER Watercolor

The Adventures Of A Vagabond Artist & Her Wayward Dogs.

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Keeping The Dogs Cool

If you remember, I had the AC taken out while I was in Florida. I had always planned on taking it out, but the water pouring in to the RV… Read the Rest →

Vandalia, IL

About an hour into my latest vagabondage (sadly, not as a dirty as it sounds), my engine started smoking. *Sigh. I was really hoping my radiator blew a hose. I seriously thought,… Read the Rest →


      For end of May and most of June I was hanging out at my Grandma’s.  They don’t call me Rock Star for nothing…just kidding, no one calls me Rock… Read the Rest →

If I Had An Assistant

I would have them edit all of the photos. It is my least favorite part of the whole blog. I would probably blog 10 x’s as often if I didn’t… Read the Rest →