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Old Man On A Bench


Joe Sleeping

Elisha Dasenbrock 2009 JOE Watercolor

Spring Follows Winter

Elisha Dasenbrock 2009 SPRING FOLLOWS WINTER Watercolor

The Adventures Of A Vagabond Artist & Her Wayward Dogs.

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Sketchbook Skool Week 2

I did not sketch yesterday, but I did two today. This week was all about color pencils and getting out of your comfort zone. The instructor wanted us to go… Read the Rest →

First Week Of Sketch Skool

I’ve had a lot of fun this week. I think trying to document my week instead of sketching just to do it.  I’m having fun. I like playing with the… Read the Rest →

Sketch Skool

I may have gone back to Michael’s and bought the last three of the Strathmore hard bound sketchbooks. I also bought a smaller size and 4 ringed watercolor sketchbooks for… Read the Rest →


I ordered a bunch of stuff from Cheap Joe’s and Dick Blick over the last couple of days. I also ordered a book and DVD from Amazon by Jean Haines…. Read the Rest →