Weekend Update

Elisha Dasenbrock

Back Wall – To the left:




Back Wall – To the right:




As you can see, Johnny came back.  As you can also see, crazy spray insulation application runs in the family.

This wall literally took us all day on Saturday.  I cut the last of the insulation while the guys did some more prep work.

This wall took three separate panels. The last being the worst because of all the extra bits they had to work around.

While they were cutting the panels I sealed some more on the outside.

Once we had each panel secure I started puttying.  Johnny sanded it down once it dried.


The ceiling, on the other hand, was put up Friday night. Since it had been cut the weekend before, we just needed to stick it up there.

Unfortunately, my friend only cut two T braces so he had to make another two while Johnny and I held the ceiling up.


Left Wall – To the left:


Back Wall – To the right:


On the bottom right corner, the spray insulation pushed the regular insulation out of the wall so much that we can’t get it flush to the other panel. I am not even sure we can get it back out.

Right Wall – To the left:


The two side walls were done Sunday. So much easier than the back wall.

We have one panel left to put up. The reason this panel did not go up is because the bathroom has looked like the following since I last posted about it:


 That bottom vertical piece is not installed.

On Sunday morning, I cut all the insulation and I scraped out some of the rotted wood that ran along the bottom.  What did not come out, I sprayed with Mighty Seal.  We also J-B Welded the studs to the vinyl siding.

The guys did not trust me with installing the insulation with the fresh J-B Weld.  Something about She-Hulk and breaking the weld.

I warned my friend that it would be much harder to put the last panel up with just the two of us. That’s when Johnny mentioned he may be back next weekend.

I know, you only come here to read about him. It’s okay. I aim to please.

Johnny and I also cleaned up a bit and he even got a little relaxing in.

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