Tools 1

This is when the grunting starts.


The first tools I set out for were the Dremmel Saw Max and the Dremmel Multi-Max.


Dremmel Saw Max - Shanty To

Dremmel Saw Max: It cuts stuff.  (Photo courtesy of


I really thought I was set with these two. What else could a girl need?  I can cut things.

With the news of square head screws, I thought about a drill. I had some electric screw drivers, but they were not going to do the job.  I asked around on Facebook since I knew I would probably buy the wrong thing.

My friend, Mike, told me about his Ryobi kit and how he wished they had the one below when he was buying his.  After a second on the Ryobi front and checking it over, I went for it.


Ryobi - Home DepotRyobi 6 pc set. (Photo courtesy of Home Depot)

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little in love. Plus, when the bag is open it has a really wide mouth that is held open, like so:


Ryobi Tool Bag - Opened


It looks like a duffel bag, but it’s way better. (Photo courtesy of Ebay)

I thought it would be way too much tool, but it seemed like a good deal. When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. I returned the Dremmel Multi-Max (the kit comes with an oscillating tool) and off I went.

I also purchased a set of small pry bars, a mallet, a wicked utility knife, some bits, and a heat gun.

So far.


DeWalt Utility Knive-

DeWalt’s Wicked Utility Knife. (Photo courtesy of

With the cabinet removal alone, I have gotten my money’s worth from all the tools.  I have used every single Ryobi tool, except the impact drill. I know that’s coming though. Actually I have used all my other tools as well since most of them were purchased for a specific and immediate need.

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