Memorial Day Weekend Extras

The rain, aside from slowing down construction also slowed down the workers. I felt like I could barely get going in the mornings. I slept in 2 out of 3 days. It took half the day to fully wake up.

However, not only was I able to use the worm drive saw for the first time, I also used the impact drill.


That thing is pretty fun.  First of all, that silver ring by the bit, if you pull that back, the bit shoots out. Reminiscent of the pizza shooter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures of yesteryear.   Mix that with some self-tapping screws and you have yourself a party.

I used it to install a couple of L brackets for the few pieces of framing I could cut.



Then I used the Dremmel Saw Max to cut off the tip of this screw. There were a lot of sparks. Some of them may have hit me in the face. Bacon grease hurts more.

To kick the gloomy day into high gear, I used my new french press:


I’m still deciding if I like the coffee I bought.  I can’t remember they flavor. Maybe it was the founder’s blend.  It’s good. I just don’t know if I love it.  The coffee is actually local to where I grew up, but I found it about two hours away.

I really like the bag designs though.

You can see my list of tools, here. Although I may have added a few smaller ticket items.

I really need a whole post bragging about the Ryobi tool set I bought. It is far and away worth every penny. It is the work horse and the battery lasts forever.     I wish I needed a second set.  Granted, I still have awhile to see if it will hold up for a long time, but I really feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth already. If it lasts the whole remodel, everything after that will be a complete bonus.  The Dremmel is nothing to sneeze at either, but it will do the heavy lifting when we start building drawers and need miter cuts.


This is when the grunting starts.


The first tools I set out for were the Dremmel Saw Max and the Dremmel Multi-Max.


Dremmel Saw Max - Shanty To

Dremmel Saw Max: It cuts stuff.  (Photo courtesy of


I really thought I was set with these two. What else could a girl need?  I can cut things.

With the news of square head screws, I thought about a drill. I had some electric screw drivers, but they were not going to do the job.  I asked around on Facebook since I knew I would probably buy the wrong thing.

My friend, Mike, told me about his Ryobi kit and how he wished they had the one below when he was buying his.  After a second on the Ryobi front and checking it over, I went for it.


Ryobi - Home DepotRyobi 6 pc set. (Photo courtesy of Home Depot)

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little in love. Plus, when the bag is open it has a really wide mouth that is held open, like so:


Ryobi Tool Bag - Opened


It looks like a duffel bag, but it’s way better. (Photo courtesy of Ebay)

I thought it would be way too much tool, but it seemed like a good deal. When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. I returned the Dremmel Multi-Max (the kit comes with an oscillating tool) and off I went.

I also purchased a set of small pry bars, a mallet, a wicked utility knife, some bits, and a heat gun.

So far.


DeWalt Utility Knive-

DeWalt’s Wicked Utility Knife. (Photo courtesy of

With the cabinet removal alone, I have gotten my money’s worth from all the tools.  I have used every single Ryobi tool, except the impact drill. I know that’s coming though. Actually I have used all my other tools as well since most of them were purchased for a specific and immediate need.