Blog Goals

I have two main blog goals for this year.

  • Take better photos.

This has been a goal of mine for awhile, but even a college class didn’t help much. I’m still working on it though and thanks to my new phone, I may have moved forward a little.

I found a mode called High Tone and it seems to have immensely improved my images.

Due to the storms a few weeks ago, my internet connection has been even worse. I have not been able to install Photoshop Elements. Apparently, one needs to be online in order to use the code that comes with the product to get the code to use the product.  Thanks Adobe.

  • More concise/edited posts/better writing. 

This will be a little trickier. I have podcasts and books galore.  I will also need to actually edit my posts.   That’s pretty much my plan for now.