I am still working on the artist date project from this week. I went to the Goodwill with my Uncle on Monday and bought a few pieces of art to transform. Nothing crazy. Just practicing hand lettering. It’s just not finished yet. Today, I found out I can download my […]

Artist Date

This is the beginning of a new series titled That Face When... The moment I saw Ms. Clinton make this face, I knew I wanted to do a series of powerful women with "that face." The face women make when they just have to sit there and let a man get it out of his system.

New Work

Here’s this week’s sketch.  I wanted to be funny and draw something everyone who really knows me has seen. My grumpy “leave me alone in eating and trying to remember how to function” look. This is a time I could have used a kneaded eraser to pick out some highlights,  […]