Friends ‘Til The End


“Friends ‘Til The End,” watercolor on claybord 11″ x 14″ ©ElishaDasenbrock


I’m really happy with the way this turned out. It’s larger than I’ve done recently  so I was a bit nervous. I’ll have a hard time letting it go. I’ve considered keeping it for a while, but the whole point is to sell it. I’ll be mailing it to the gallery on Saturday so if you are interested in purchasing it you can go to this page or call The Bowery Art Gallery after next week. 850-653-2425

I broke my rut by playing with a new palette. It inspired me to change the Winsor Violet (the color I add for darks) to Indantherene Blue.  I plan to use a new palette on my next painting. It will be 6″ x 6.” I don’t know what the subject will be yet so we will all be surprised.

Photo by Aimee/John Memories-Photography