Florida Winter 2/19-2/20 2015

I finally tried oysters on Sunday. I figure being in the oyster capital of the world, one should at least give it a shot. Of course, they were lightly baked with bacon, collard greens, and lemon juice.  I also had some alligator empanadas. This was all at Up The Creek.  Yum. Then there was dessert at The Tap Room.  Chocolate cake with ice cream and coffee. So delicious.

I am still waiting on my card readers.  Between that and the very cold weather, I haven’t accomplished much real work. I stayed in my bedroom under the covers for a couple days last week. Peeking out just for the bare minimum. The dogs were thrilled because they were in the bed too.  They do not move or make a sound while they are on the bed. It’s like they think I’ll remember they are there and kick them off if they move.

I started a new challenge on NerdFitness.com If you are interested in that sort of thing.

Off to work on a painting before yoga.