A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor

That’s an English proverb I read on Life Hacker yesterday.

I saw it around the same time I got this wall post from my Aunt.



This project really is so much easier than it should be. Yes, there are plenty of obstacles, but most of those are my own inexperience.

I am so grateful and lucky to have my friend and brother help me. I could never have gotten this far, so fast, without them.

Having friends and family support is pretty big for me. I’ve never had a heavy support anchor. Just a heavy anchor of doubt and sadness.

(Although I want to make clear, there were people who whole heartedly supported me all the while and I will always be grateful to them. They got me through the worst of it. They are my life jackets.)

I haven’t always had much support and at times I felt like a lone sailor navigating an angry sea with no light house in sight.

I’m not saying people weren’t there or perhaps more than there I thought.  I’m saying some places are so dark that you can’t see the hands reaching out to you.

Or maybe you know someone is wanting you to come home from a dark sea, but you are the only one to man the ship.

Knowing that people are willing to give up several weekends for me, and my crazy dream, who are willing to voice their support and maybe less people saying how crazy my dream is, that means a lot.

Especially this week.

I’m not down in the dumps, but I am a little weary.

My momentum is building back up though. It usually does by Friday.  I just need to have the end result in mind as I focus on the next step.

I’m getting very nervous.  It’s easy to be brave when the challenge is a year away or I’m tearing the walls down instead of building them back up.  Maybe the nerves are from being weary.  I’ll compare it to a roller coaster.  It never fails, as soon as they close me into a roller coaster, I immediately want off.  I just think to myself over and over, “Okay, seriously, just let me out. I don’t want to be here any more.”   I always love the ride, but that never stops the nerves.  Even if I’ve ridden the ride 20 times.


About Elisha

Elisha Dasenbrock is an award winning, international watercolor artist. She paints with a limited palette on claybord. Dasenbrock graduated from the American Academy of Art in 2009 and has been painting professionally ever since.