Sketchbook Skool Week 2

I did not sketch yesterday, but I did two today.

The sketchbook skool week was all about color pencils and getting out of your comfort zone. The instructor wanted us to go outside and sketch in front of people. It was cold this week and since I sketched outside last week and I’m always drawing in front of someone, I thought color pencils were a good enough stretch.

I have wanted to learn how to use color pencils for years, but it is always on my some day list. I think I am starting to understand the method.  I do have one other sketch, but the photo was bad. I will add it later.

This is by far the worst one so far: (Edit – I just realized the Lola sketch was outside. Yea me!)


I wish I was better at flowers:

sketchbook skool flower-sketch

Anatomy lesson (after my trip to the Chiro):


Sleepy Gunnar:


Two from today, close ups from the same reference photo as above:


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