Serious Link Love

This is some legit stuff.  I’m only going to give you 4 1/2 today because I want you to pace yourself. These are rockin’.

In order to go from a “studio” apartment to an RV I need to learn a lot about organizing. I love having a clean house, but I’m not a fan of cleaning it. It always seemed so redundant. Plus having someone constantly tell you you don’t do as much as they do, even after you prove them wrong (hello dry erase, color coordinated chore chart), really puts a damper on the whole thing.  I can organize a desk, but I have a bit more trouble organizing an entire house. Not to mention keeping it that way. Enter the FLYLady. Yes.

My tips for FLYLady: sign up for all the emails. It was a bit much at first, but they work.  I have very rarely made my bed. Only when I did a big cleaning of the bedroom did it ever get made. I now make my bed every morning and I love it.

The Fitocracy site/app and Arnold 1% Challenge.  The site makes working out like a video game. You even level up. You don’t get anything for leveling up, but I plan on making a reward system soon. As for the challenge: 15 minute work outs every other day. You get fancy badges.

A word of caution, the barbell workout may or may not be how I hurt my back. My office chair is definitely a culprit. Also, mostly not stretching.

I  felt so amazing after I did these work outs when I came home from work. I would do them as I made dinner and suddenly I had energy. I was actually getting bored before I would get tired.  I can’t wait to get back into it.

Yoga Journal: There is a 21 day yoga challenge starting on 5/13. I really want to try that betty out.

Young House Love. I have been reading their blog for a few weeks now. So awesome. I was at Barnes and Noble the other day and randomly came across their book. I bought it. It’s awesome too.





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