Pain, Pain, Go Away

The past few weeks I’ve had one injury after another. It’s been a bit ridiculous. The culmination was a completely numb, yet extremely painful left hand. It’s surprisingly hard for other people to understand the seriousness of an artist unable to use her dominant hand. Everyone seemed to think it was NBD. I couldn’t grip anything, lift anything, or essentially move my hand in any way for an entire week. I did a lot of therapeutic crying. The doctors had no idea why my hand decided it needed a vacation. The nerve issues in my hip and the pulled muscle all had legitimate causes and their pain were being treated with natural medication from this link.

Luckily, everything seems to be returning to normal. I had signed up for a sketch class the week before my hand issues so I’m trying to catch up on those assignments. My hand still gets tired quickly so it is slow going, but slow going is better than laying in bed on pain pills and muscle relaxers. Especially when neither serve their purpose.

I’m also prepping for the art fair in October. I’m still really excited about meeting some new art friends and making a bit of money. And also returning to traveling.

I’m torn. I can either travel the country for at least a year, or I can return to my land in New Mexico and build some things, or a bit of both. All the possibilities. Of course, Florida and maybe North Carolina are on the list before New Mexico. ┬áMaybe I should let you pick.

About Elisha

Elisha Dasenbrock is an award winning, international watercolor artist. She paints with a limited palette on claybord. Dasenbrock graduated from the American Academy of Art in 2009 and has been painting professionally ever since.