New Seating/Storage Galore!

I have so many posts coming.  I have new dinette cushions (which are giving me all kinds of problems, but that’s another post,) I have a new ottoman, and I have so much storage.

First up, the newest item:


I originally went to Target for a small storage ottoman. I figured a $20 one would be great for added seating and maybe I could solve my dog food dilemma.  (i.e. I can’t fit a giant air tight dog food container in the RV and even if I could, they are pretty ugly.)  Unfortunately, those were really two small and cheap looking for my purposes. I don’t want something that looks junk before the dogs even get to it.

This ottoman is usually $120, but it was on sale for under $100. I still think it is a bit high, but it is the perfect fit and it holds a 40 lb bag of dog food, plus the dog bowls:


The bowls and scoop on top of the contractor trash bag of dog food.

Beasley is obsessed with burying his food. If there is anything on the floor near his dish, it will end up on top of the food. Heaven forbid it doesn’t cover the food, he will whine and fret for 20 minutes, until he gets hungry enough to just eat it already.  I think he approves of this new system.


ALL the dog food.

The ottoman takes up a bit more space than I would like, but since it is multi-functional, I forgive it.  I can also put it under the dinette table if I need to or possibly put it in the bedroom and use it to get on my bed instead of the step stool.


Look closely, it is under there.

There’s still plenty of room to walk around.  It just happens to be the perfect height. It’s actually comfortable.


Gratuitous shot of Lola.

Ignore the dark rug. It is an outside rug I had to purchase because we got 6 inches of snow on Friday. Hopefully my wood floors stay dry.

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