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Another item I wanted for a couple of months, but hadn’t gotten around to picking it up, was a GPS system.

I know, I could just use my phone, however, there are a couple of downsides.

1. It uses my data and I need all I can get.

2. If I’m using Google maps, I can’t search for something on the route. Or at least, if it is a capability, I can’t figure it out. I also have a hard time finding alternate routes if I hit traffic.

When I made the trip for the GPS, they didn’t have the one I really wanted.  My friend came along because he has a GPS and he likes looking at gadgets somewhat.

I ended up going with his pick for a few reasons:

1. It had the biggest screen. The one I wanted had a 6″ screen, but the only options they had were the 5″ or the 7″.  I don’t want to be frustrated because I can’t hit the right button or I have to concentrate so hard to see the screen, I can’t focus on the road.

2. It has weather and traffic updates. I didn’t realize it, but at least the weather is wifi only.  That was a little disappointing. If I get a satellite internet system, it could still come in handy.

3. There is a video input.  If I install a back up camera, I don’t need to buy another monitor.  I would have liked a second monitor so I could use the back up as a rearview mirror.  It’s not really necessary though, especially since I have a rear window. I just can’t see if a car is less than a couple of car lengths behind me. That’s what paying attention and side mirrors are for though.  Not needing a second monitor or a new several hundred dollar radio system offset the cost quite a bit.

4. I can input my RV height and weight, track mileage, etc.

So which did I pick?


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I will say this. The screen is awesome. Plus I can make the icon a pink semi or, as I have it now, a rainbow hot air balloon. I’m sure you can do that on others, I just like that I can do it on mine.

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