Mini Updates



 No more shelf! So much space.


Sorry for the bad pic. That’s just my future shining in…it’s so bright and all.

The first weekend I had the RV (after I picked it up from Ohio) I drove to my Grandma’s. I had my niece and my brother Ninja Johnny to help with what I thought was cabinet removal.  I quickly discovered 95% of all the screws were square head. Of course, being the typical American female, I did not have a square head driver, nor did I know such a thing existed. I should probably be embarrassed since I work at a Screw and Bolt company.  The closest, real hardware store is pretty far away so we did not take down cabinets.

After the video tour, my friend Jason, ribbed me for my priorities. I listed getting rid of  the microwave and that awful shelf before a new shower.  I just want to say, a girl needs some short sighted projects too.  I can get rid of a shelf and microwave pretty quickly.

But, I digress. My niece proceeded to spend the weekend playing on my iPad while Ninja Johnny and I took down all of the blinds and accompanying valances.  I also removed my very first light fixture and used my Dremmel Saw Max to cut out said light. It also had square head screws. Plus I wanted to cut stuff.

Removing the shelf and blinds have made an enormous difference. It looks so much more open. No more instant claustrophobia.

A couple weeks later I took out the microwave. Doing so easily tripled my kitchen storage.




I have since removed the wooden piece and upholstery above the new cabinet. I used my mallet for that. It was satisfying.


*Mini Update update:

I forgot I had pictures of the shelf take-down.



I don’t know about you, but I feel better already.


cut shelf



Oh man, I feel like a new woman. I didn’t want a big hunk of wood floating around and I wanted to practice the Dremmel Saw Max while Ninja Johnny was around to call 911.


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