I Fibbed

I’m going to show you the bedroom before it’s finished.

Last weekend, I thought I would surely get the the bathroom all finished (except the floors.)  Then I couldn’t find any hinges/handles for the cabinets. I messed up the counter top so I have to sand that.

Okay, so the people who are awesome at spray painting? What the heck. I have had to paint and sand my sink about 6 times now.

That sink be trippin’.


The bed. Oh my.  We wasted two days over the 4th of July weekend trying to come up with a solution.

I wanted to make it similar to a futon, but comfortable. I wanted to have more floor space when I wanted it and a bigger bed when I wanted. Seems simple.

We looked at futon hinges (I actually bought a used one off Craig’s List before we decided the hinges wouldn’t have enough support. Well, Johnny and my friend decided. I say go for it.) Then the Ikea Hemnes day bed I wanted to mimic seemed like a bit much.

On Saturday morning, I said, “Enough!” I was not wasting any more time on a bed.  Put it in as a twin and let’s get on with it. If I fall in love and get married to someone who wants to come along for a ride, we will worry about the bed then.

Then we came to the plumbing. We lost the screws for the fresh water tank sensor. I know I put them somewhere safe. Unfortunately, whenever I put something somewhere safe, I usually forget where that place is.  Ford Coach does not have a support system for motor homes that old. (What?!) I have to take it to an RV repair place to see what I need.

I also need to find out about a valve that seems to randomly drain out of the RV.  That’s for next weekend though. However, both of those problems are stopping my friend and Johnny from completing the bed.

The bed is stopping us from completing the bedroom. Among other things.

The adhesive isn’t working on the ceiling tiles.

The window frames no longer fit.

The wires fell out of the ceiling a few weekends ago.

I won’t lie. Saturday morning, I hated my RV. I wanted to quit and just forget I ever had the idea.

So, I painted all the cabinets for the bedroom.

There’s really not much else to do.

Oh, not to mention, on Sunday, after I finished the last coat, it started to rain out of nowhere. Sunny. Bam. Rain. On my freshly painted cabinets. Luckily it was time to clean up anyway. I will find out this weekend if I need to repaint.

However, by the end of the weekend, there was this:


That bed really boosted my spirits. I had a pretty good night’s sleep Saturday thanks to the Eva pillow I got recently. Lola was not happy. She whined and tried to boss me around all night. Unfortunately for her, I didn’t care.

That bed is crazy high. It comes up to my belly button and I need a step to climb on.

3 reasons for an awesomely high bed:

  1. Beasley can’t get on it.
  2. All the storage below.
  3. When I’m laying in bed, I can see straight out all three windows.


I can’t wait until my first ocean view. Or mountain view.  Or any view.

The view at my friend’s is pretty nice too.

You can’t really see, but I even have one bedroom cabinet back up.

This is the only update from the weekend since most of the goings on involved failing.



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