Holiday Weekend


I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. Mine consisted of a few naps, more shopping, and lots of work.

I picked up my mattress as well as a laptop.  I returned the GPS I purchased in favor of an RV specific one. I know, I don’t really need an RV specific GPS. Later, I stumbled upon, this gps tracker and some of the extra features that they have to offer will come in handy. It is the same brand/size as the other . It also has the video imput. I just happened to find it $100 cheaper.

The mattress ( a queen, more on that to come) was on sale for the same price as a twin.

The laptop was not on sale.

I did not want to buy a laptop. I have a PC and I really wanted to use it. However, after discussing it with the solar guy and others, I realized it probably would be best for me to just get the laptop.

I’ve never used the PC much. I use it for gaming, but I can’t get online with it where I am. The monitor always defaults to a wonky setting when I shut down.   It all came down to the facts that I barely use it, I will have to buy a battery and solar panel just for the computer (maybe the computer and monitor/tv each), the space it will take up.

I thought about selling it, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. There was a lot of work put into it.  I don’t know if I will set it up for my Grandma or maybe put it in storage until I am finished traveling.

Even if it is a few years down the road, it will still be a good computer.

I know it isn’t practical, but one can’t always be practical.

Now to convince myself I don’t need to bring the Wii.  Princesses don’t save themselves you know.

About Elisha

Elisha Dasenbrock is an award winning, international watercolor artist. She paints with a limited palette on claybord. Dasenbrock graduated from the American Academy of Art in 2009 and has been painting professionally ever since.