This is currently my new entrance. I have a few more things to add, like my fire extinguisher and a towel bar instead of using the grab bar. (For anyone who doesn’t have dogs, the towel is to dry them off.)

The giant purple dry erase board was made from scratch. My friend painstakingly used some picture frame moulding I bought at Menards, plus some additional wood to build up the back. We needed an inch of backing to hide the ugly pipe sticking out of the wall.

I keep getting piles of  mail since I don’t live where my mail is delivered.  I needed a place to put it all and the one I found came with a handy key holder. I am notorious for losing my keys, although I am much better than I used to be.



I would never have guessed that was a key holder if I hadn’t read the reviews on Amazon.  I was still looking all over for the key holder when my friend pointed it out.

A quick reenactment:

Me: I know not of this key holder of which they speak! (Actually, it went more like, “What the heck? Where is the stupid key holder?!!”)

My friend: Slides key in.



                                                                    Image Link

I really love the mail holder. The front is actually a magnetized dry erase board. I know, the whole RV is practically made out of dry erase board at this point. I especially like that it is magnetized since my old giant dry erase board was and the new one is not.

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