More Destruction

Apparently, if you have a guy who builds houses and a guy who built his own garage helping on your RV, you are no longer the boss. I mean, they’ll be all cute and ask your opinions and call you the boss, but it’s really a formality so you will agree to go to the store and buy stuff.

Not that I’m complaining, Ninja Johnny busted his butt and really knows what he is doing. He also says I can’t call him Ninja Johnny because being called Ninja Johnny defeats the entire purpose of being a Ninja and the code of secrecy.  *sigh. Little brothers, am I right?

Johnny and my friend both worked really hard. There wasn’t a lot for me to do, except go in front of them and unscrew things and carry some stuff to the burn pile.

The back wall, from the ceiling to the bottom of the window was stripped to the vinyl siding and everything below that was stripped to the last layer of paneling to the angled section by my friend’s son when we arrived. I didn’t get a photo, but you can use the photo below as a reference.


Right side of back wall. Is that a Beasley in the background?

Johnny assured me that it is okay to leave some of the bottom layer of paneling since we will seal all the holes and paint over it with Kilz2 before adding insulation and paneling.

backwall 1

Left side of back wall (that’s my plumbing!)


Johnny and my friend added all the extra metal/wood framing. We are using treated lumber to avoid rot in the future, if we miss any leaks.


Left wall. That beige block is my water tank.

We need to figure out how high I want the bed, then we will add more framing. And by we, I mean Johnny and my friend. I’m a little worried it will be too rigid. I thought RVs were supposed to be a little flexible. However, I don’t really have a clue.

bedroom floor

Carpet is gone!

The sub-floor looks pretty good. I can’t remember if there is any rot. Maybe under the big cabinet which we still have not been able to remove. I’m debating starting over with the cabinets. The big one has so much damage on the bottom that we will have to replace the entire front.

I couldn’t take many progress photos. Since everyone was so busy I didn’t want to get in the way. All the pictures were at the end of the day on Sunday…except:


Pulling Carpet.

What kind of a Ninja is he anyway, letting me get a pic? Just kidding, he’s an awesome one. He’s also really awesome at building stuff.

My friend’s son spent some time putting new screws in the ladder and caulking them.  Unfortunately, he will no longer be working on the RV. I wish it could have worked out differently, but it didn’t. I was happy to have the help while it lasted.

We made quite a bit of progress though.

I spent the weekend trying to stay out of the way. Next weekend it will be my friend, possibly the 13 11 yr old and I.  I’m going to make sure I get a chance to learn how to do everything that’s going on. Johnny took the water tank apart before I realized, so I asked him to help me put it back together when we are ready. I want to know how to do it. I don’t want them to just do all the work. I want to learn as I go. It’s not much of an adventure if I’m just sitting there.

I did manage to take the bathroom sink out by myself and a few other little things.  Luckily, when Johnny can come back I will probably seal and paint the siding in the bedroom while they work on the living area.

I’m very excited for the 3 day weekend. I think, even if it is just me and my friend, we will get really far. I don’t know if we will work all 3 days, but we will have at least 2 full days.  The work on the bedroom is pretty straight forward until we put the cabinets back on.

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