I used RV And Van Surplus to  order some dinette cushions online. I realize now, never buy something custom over the internet. At least, not if you can go to a local place. I try to shop local whenever possible, but sometimes I am a little lazy. Especially when I have no idea where I am and/or I have never done something.

I am not very familiar with the city I live in right now and I have never had cushions custom made.  I am hoping when I’m on the road the inability to have things mailed directly to me will prevent me from being so lazy.

After I ordered my custom curtains for the bedroom, I realized I should have just had them upholster the seats too.

First, the surplus place did not deliver in the 3 weeks they said they would. It was 5-6 weeks with several phone calls on my end.  If you like dealing with, “It will ship this date. Oh nope, it didn’t ship, it will ship this date. Oh, sorry again, it will definitely ship this date,” You will love this place. Since I happened to spend most of my previous job dealing with this is exact nonsense, I do not enjoy it.

I told them, if did not ship by date X, I would cancel my order.  They already had the fabric sewed, but needed the foam.  The promised they would get it out.

The box arrived and this is what I received:


Not bad, right? Except I ordered this fabric:


And the cushions were 2″ too long.

Clearly they sent the wrong order. When I called, the guy was confused and said, “That’s weird, your order wasn’t even supposed to ship.”  Oh, so not only did you send the wrong order, you weren’t even going to send my order the day you said. Color me surprised.

They did make returning it easy, or maybe that was Fed Ex.


The above is the fabric I ordered. However, I’m almost 100% certain, the expensive high density foam I paid for was not in fact the foam I received.

I paid an extra $69.00 for the special foam.  I actually slept on the cushions that they sent incorrectly.  I can’t even sit on this one long term without squishing down to the dinette bench.

They are claiming the foam I ordered is the foam I got. I can’t imagine what the regular foam is like, considering my old cushions are about the same as these new cushions, if not better.

I’m still working with them, but I will never buy from them again. The cushions do look nice, but there have been so many problems.  It just isn’t good enough.

I was really hoping to do a lot of business with this company too.

About Elisha

Elisha Dasenbrock is an award winning, international watercolor artist. She paints with a limited palette on claybord. Dasenbrock graduated from the American Academy of Art in 2009 and has been painting professionally ever since.