Coastline RV Resort

The first year in Apalach, I only went to Coastline RV Resort to dump my tanks and fill water. I’d gone to St. George Island a few times, but they don’t want you to fill your fresh water tanks. The camp hosts allow it, but the Rangers say no.

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I don’t remember why I stayed the night the first time. It was most likely because they changed their policy about allowing people who did not camp there to dump. Anyway, this place is amazing. St. George Island is $24 a night and it’s hard to find any availability. Coastline is becoming increasingly popular so I’m sure they will be much the same way soon. They are adding on about 150 sites so maybe not.


Images are taken from Coastline RV Resort site.

Last year I began staying because of their amazing amenities. I only stay about one night a month as a treat to myself. I don’t have to rush to empty the tanks. I get the internet, washer and dryer (pay), a FULL kitchen! What?! It’s awesome. I’ve used the elliptical a grand total of 1 time. I thought it was going to break. I’ve seen other people use it just fine, though.


Images are taken from Coastline RV Resort site.


Let’s talk about that kitchen, though. I’m seriously in love. They have a dishwasher. I took full advantage last year after the mice fiasco.  Thank you, sanitation setting.  Monday, I used the kitchen to prep food. I spent 3 hours chopping, cutting, simmering, and of course, washing dishes. By hand, though. It was so nice to have ALL the room.  Plus a real stove with settings. My stove is high or off.


I felt like a  queen.  I’m currently doing another whole30, which I’m hoping turns into a whole100. [If you’re curious about Whole30, there’s an affiliate link at the bottom of this post for the cookbook as well as It Starts With Food.  If you use the link below, it doesn’t cost you any more, but it supports this site.  You can also check out their website.]

Now. I have to tell you something.

Their showers are amazing.

The only place I’ve ever seen nicer ones is a high-end gym in Chicago. The water pressure is strong and you can control the temperature. If you’ve stayed at campgrounds, you know how rare this is.   It is so nice to shower right after dumping tanks, especially when you don’t have to worry about filling them back up right away.

It’s a little more expensive for the 3rd tier than I remember, but now that they are really getting crowded and building on more, I’m not surprised.

I find it is still worth the occasional treat.  Being able to hook up, do laundry, get a real shower, and use a full kitchen is too much for me to pass up, throw in internet and I’m in heaven.  If you like meeting people, they have potlucks and parties in the clubhouse when something special is going on, like a big sporting event.


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