Big Spender

I was not feeling well last week and did not get a lot accomplished on the RV.

We still made progress, just not a lot.

I did manage to make a few purchases while I was feeling under the weather.

Since I don’t have a lot of other progress, I will probably break this up over the week.

Hopefully, next week I will have a bunch more to share.

First, I will tell you about my chairs:



A couple of weeks ago, I went to an RV dealer and sat in some zero gravity chairs for the first time. They were $100 a piece! I wasn’t saying no though, they were that comfortable.

I figured I would wait a few weeks and pick up a couple. Maybe one at a time.

Then a coworker told me Sports Authority has some on sale for $49.99. I checked them out, but I wasn’t thrilled. They were not as comfortable and they looked poorly made.

I really need to dump my black water tank, but I needed a part. I went looking for it and stopped by Gander Mountain.  They had a couple of chairs in their out door area, but again not as nice.  Off we went.  However, on the way out, we saw some very pretty zero gravity chairs. Most were either black or tan, but these were lovely silvery blue.

Even the $100 were not exactly attractive.

I sat in the chairs and they were as close to the $100 in comfort that I had felt.  I didn’t want to get up.

They were $39.99 and the last two there.

I am not one to get a good deal so I am pretty stoked.  I usually don’t have the patience and I don’t want to run around to different stores looking for one thing.  These just fell into my lap.

Lola approves.


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