The weekend started out a little rough.  I got up around 6 A.M. for a head start.  I made some of those eggs in avocados. They are all the craze in the interwebs.

Then came the first trip to the wonderful world of Menards.

The weather was lovely when we left, we went to check out and get the rental truck, it was pouring rain.  There was no way to get it on the truck and keep the panels dry.  Since we are dealing with water damage we wanted to avoid wet panels at all cost.

We took the bags and left.

Back at the RV we puttered around. The rain kept us from a lot of work, but we watched closely for leaks.

I also had a great nap. It wasn’t long, but it was quality.

The rain finally cleared around 3pm and we were off.

Insulation. Insulation everywhere:


Left Wall Left


Back Wall Right


Left Wall Top Right


Back Wall Bottom Left


Left Wall Bottom Right


Saturday morning we will finish all the insulation.  The only thing holding that up is digging out  one last piece of rotted wood that runs from the bathroom to the metal outside storage door.

Oh and one small leak that I will take care of Friday night.

Yes, I did the spray insulation. No, I’m not worried about the way it looks.


If you need a refresher from where we started almost 3 months ago (for realz, I haven’t had a day off in almost 3 months):

RV Tour (Before)


I was feeling it Sunday too.  I stayed about half an hour later than I planned, but I was shot by the time I pulled onto the interstate.  I’ve gotten by with one evening a week to myself.  The Saturday morning puttering was probably very good timing.

I’m so happy Johnny is coming back this weekend to help.  We are on the downhill of the bedroom.

I hope.


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