Bedroom Update, I’ve Clearly Lost Count

Yesterday, I gave you a heads up that Johnny was back. You know that means we made some real progress,so I hope you are excited as I am.  Not to mention, the minion was a sanding beast.


Johnny and my friend replaced the rotted board around the outside/under bed storage.


While I was getting groceries and making breakfast, (What? My place is in the kitchen, not with the power tools. JK. I make breakfast because I love them and want them to be well nourished while they are giving up their weekends for me.) Johnny and my friend discussed what to do with the ceiling.  They also covered the ladder support with some mesh hole repair tape and some 3M 90 spray adhesive.  I understand the spray adhesive, it is pretty water proof. I don’t know why they applied the tape. I’m just going with it.

They also capped some rotted wood with a metal stud. They put adhesive over that as well, to prevent more rot/damage.

I can’t remember if that smaller ladder support on the back wall was covered with tape before or if they did that at the same time.

Later in the weekend, Johnny dug out the insulation and put it another roof support.

We spent a large portion of the weekend “laying hands” on the RV.  We were really holding it together while the JB Weld set, but it looked like we were praying over it….for six minutes at a time.

We JB Welded almost the entire left wall. Just the stuff that runs from the bathroom to the bedroom is not welded.

 That means, I was able to cut and put up new insulation on Sunday.


That’s right. We are now, officially, reconstructing the bedroom.  I didn’t think this day would ever come.

I would also like to give a shout out to the friend’s wife. She makes us food most of the time.  Johnny also grilled pork steaks Saturday night.  We eat well and I learned the perfect way to microwave corn on the cob with the husk still attached.  It almost makes me want to put the microwave back in.

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