Bedroom Update 1,599

The latest on the very slow progress.

The weather has been very crazy lately. The weekend before last I was 50 yards from a tornado and didn’t know it.  I was already in the basement (I tend to do that when there is even a strong gust.)  Then last weekend, where I live, luckily not where I was, had 3 tornadoes.

I watched it on the news.

I just realized, part of the roof where I rent was ripped off.  Trees are down all over with some major damage.  My plants are fine.

Oh yeah.


bathroomwall     LEFTWALL1

     The above are pictures of the wall that runs into the bathroom (left) and the bedroom (right.) Right behind the dividing wall is the awning leak.  The images are not lined up, but if you look at the piece of wood on top of the window, that runs into the bedroom and is the top piece of wood in the right pic.


The piece of wood, sticking out slightly, below the window is the bottom piece of wood in the right pic.  The third piece of wood in the left pic runs through as well.


That is as far as we got in the bathroom progress.  I cut the metal stud casings.



The center of the above picture shows a metal trough. Directly behind the yellow wire cap.  A board used to sit in this trough. Now there’s just wood dust. That big dark brown pile in the center left, plus much more you can’t see. That took at least an hour for both of us to clean out. Definitely the longest we spent on any one step all weekend.

After that was clean, we stuck in a new, treated board:


Well, that wasn’t quite how it went. There are two layers of screws and we could not remove the bottom layer . We had to cut notches out of the board for those. Then we put in the board and screwed in the second row of screws.


Next came the spray foam insulation.  It’s not as easy as it looks. I got a little carried away and it pretty much ended up everywhere.


After it cured, I had to scrape the excess:



Much better.


After we added some Power Grab to the wood and vinyl siding, we sealed the top. We spent a good deal of time sealing the original frame to and the vinyl in a few places as well.


Friday night, before the storms, we went after the ceiling:


My plan was to take the entire ceiling down, but it’s up there pretty good.  To the left, the dark area in the pic, there is a piece of rotted wood. That will be replaced as will the wood at the top of the photo. That is where the roof ladder is secured.

As you can see I used more foam insulation. I was smart this time and I bought water clean up insulation. Dang it. As I type this I realize that wasn’t so smart. If it leaks, my insulation will disappear. Although, I won’t have to dig it out in order to replace any rotted wood. Maybe 50/50.

We replaced the wood around the window and I got to use gang nails. (The metal strips in all the corners.) I may have giggled every time I said gang nails. I just did it again.


Finally, we removed the old wood around my water in-take and put in new stuff.  I tried to remove the wood around the metal door, but it is stuck. I might have made a hole in the siding during my attempt.

Oh and more spray insulation.

I don’t know how that is all we accomplished. I swear it took all weekend.

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