Artist Date Week 1 (4/30/19)

(Most images are from the respective business’ website or instagram.)

Last Tuesday, mother nature decided to rain on my parade. I had hoped to go for a walk on a nature trail or maybe in Forest Park, but I wasn’t feeling up to splashing in puddles. Even with my cute yellow rain slicker from Paris.

Instead, I had a lead on a new art store looking for teachers and thought, not only would I check that out, but the cute stores around it.

First stop was Holliday. It’s an adorable gift shop. I thought this was the art store before I went in. I’m happy I found my way there. I ended up buying some alpaca paperclips. The ones I had for my sketchbook were bulky and these worked perfectly. They were kind enough to let me use their parking so I didn’t want to leave empty handed. Win-win.

Next was the actual art store. How adorable is St. Louis Art Supply? They don’t have Winsor & Newton paints, that I saw, but loads of other stuff.

I bought these to share with my painting students next year. Each card has a color theory idea and description.)
I am really getting into reusable pens and I know square knitting needles are gentle on hands so I thought one of these might be nice to write with. I bought the blue one.

My plan was to hang out at Cafe Osage, have a bite to eat, and sketch all the loveliness. Unfortunately for me, they are only open until 2pm.

So I just hung out at Bowood for a minute and checked out their gardening supplies. I don’t really garden, but I do like to fantasize I don’t buy plants just to watch them slowly die.

I bought this smooth little crystal. I remember reading once about a technique where you carried a smooth stone in your pocket and whenever you touched it it was supposed to remind you of something. Maybe to meditate? I dunno. Because clearly, I didn’t have a stone to remind me, but I bought this so when I come across the idea again, I will be ready to go. Plus it’s pretty to look at.

It’s such a sweet cluster of shops. After I went somewhere else to grab some food and work on some sketches while I waited for french class.

Overall, it was a success. There were pretty and satisfying things to see everywhere my eyes landed. I explored a new to me section of the city and I bought a couple little things to support the shops and remind me of the date. What can I say? I spoil me.

About Elisha

Elisha Dasenbrock is an award winning, international watercolor artist. She paints with a limited palette on claybord. Dasenbrock graduated from the American Academy of Art in 2009 and has been painting professionally ever since.