Artist Date 5?

I think I’m on 5.

Yesterday started out as one of “those days.” I over slept by 2 hours so I missed my walk with my cousin, I couldn’t find the zoom info for an important class so I missed it, too, plus Gunnar begged to go out 3 times before 10am while I was frantically looking everywhere for the zoom info. I was afraid he may have a bladder infection, but no, he just wanted to go out and look around. He’s fine. He had also needed to go out at 4:30 am so that was fun. Much stress, such anxiety.

I did manage to do a quick sketch and make a video. Then I went back to bed for a few hours and woke up just in time for my next class/group. Then I went back to sleep off and on while chatting with friends. I’m still recovering. lol, but seriously.

Anyway, here’s the video. I’m saving the sketch for my sketchbook post this week.

About Elisha

Elisha Dasenbrock is an award winning, international watercolor artist. She paints with a limited palette on claybord. Dasenbrock graduated from the American Academy of Art in 2009 and has been painting professionally ever since.