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[I met  artist Cindi Zimmerman through an art group on Facebook because she shared some paintings and I fell in love immediately. I had to have them and finally convinced her I really wanted to buy them. We hit it off immediately and she kindly let me interview her for […]

Artist Interview: Cindi Zimmerman

Everyone likes to think of art classes as easy As and art degrees as just coloring all day. Let me tell you, the arts are consistently listed as one of the hardest degrees. Look here, here, and here for proof. Why is it so hard? I can only answer from […]

6 Reasons Art Degrees Are No Joke

Buy art when you love it anyway, even if you don’t have room for it. Once we get use to something we become blind to it, we take what we see every day for granted. Rotating your art is a great way to get around this phenomenon. My Grandma used to […]

Have More Art Than Wall Space?