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I didn’t want to leave you hanging after yesterday’s post. If you want something more specific for art and activism, I recommend checking out The Center For Artistic Activism. They have webinars and podcasts (although they haven’t done one in awhile. I have no room to judge).  They are a […]

What’s Next?

The past few weeks I’ve had one injury after another. It’s been a bit ridiculous. The culmination was a completely numb, yet extremely painful left hand. It’s surprisingly hard for other people to understand the seriousness of an artist unable to use her dominant hand. Everyone seemed to think it […]

Pain, Pain, Go Away

Life has been kicking my butt this month. My sciatica decided to cripple me for a good two weeks, then I had the worst migraine of my life. Yuck! Now, if I had been on top of things, ya’ll wouldn’t have noticed a single glitch, but I’m not on top […]

So, now you know your primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Now, it gets good. Complementary Colors Oooooh yeah. This is why the color wheel is not arbitrary. Other than the fact that every color leads to another and it shows you which colors make the other colors, but whatev. Here’s […]

Basic Color Theory: Part 2 Complementary Colors

What’s the big deal about color theory? Thank God, somebody finally asked me. I’ll tell you.   That right there is a color wheel.  It shows your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colors.  When I picture a color wheel, my reds are to the left and blues to the right, but […]

Basic Color Theory: Part 1

[I met  artist Cindi Zimmerman through an art group on Facebook because she shared some paintings and I fell in love immediately. I had to have them and finally convinced her I really wanted to buy them. We hit it off immediately and she kindly let me interview her for […]

Artist Interview: Cindi Zimmerman

Everyone likes to think of art classes as easy As and art degrees as just coloring all day. Let me tell you, the arts are consistently listed as one of the hardest degrees. Look here, here, and here for proof. Why is it so hard? I can only answer from […]

6 Reasons Art Degrees Are No Joke

Buy art when you love it anyway, even if you don’t have room for it. Once we get use to something we become blind to it, we take what we see every day for granted. Rotating your art is a great way to get around this phenomenon. My Grandma used to […]

Have More Art Than Wall Space?

Hey! How have you been? I have some good news, I hope. I’m revamping this blog. I have 104 post ideas and I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks making rough drafts and hopefully having someone else edit them.  That’s a year’s worth of content that I’m passionate […]

Yet Another Brief Update.

My Grandma passed away a week ago. My heart is broken and I feel lost. I know every day will get better. Then worse and then better again,  until I have more good days than bad. I feel like I never want to paint again. My cousin reminded me that […]

Brief Update