Nomad Life

The past few weeks I’ve had one injury after another. It’s been a bit ridiculous. The culmination was a completely numb, yet extremely painful left hand. It’s surprisingly hard for other people to understand the seriousness of an artist unable to use her dominant hand. Everyone seemed to think it […]

Pain, Pain, Go Away

Here’s the link to my Studio Vox feature. I’m really excited about this write-up because they came to me. That always feels good. I found my old cell phone that acts as a hot spot so I can get online for a few posts here and there. I have very […]

Great News

I worked all day on labels and a commission/workshop brochure. We’re talking 10 hours because I’m that kind of slow. 6 trial prints later and at least the labels are exactly how I want them. The dogs pointed out they had not been to the dog park since we’ve been […]

Dog Park After Dark

Who doesn’t love seeing unique RVs? I love the wooden one. Look at this guy, driving around with Da Vinci.  Talk about the ideal co-pilot: You can see more of his sculptures here.

Look At These RVs!

The universe beat me up today.  Everything went wrong.  Big things, too. I made it out of Illinois, at least. I needed gas so I took an exit. I turned left when I should have gone straight so I ended up back on the interstate instead of at the gas […]

The Great Escape