Art Life

Life has been kicking my butt this month. My sciatica decided to cripple me for a good two weeks, then I had the worst migraine of my life. Yuck! Now, if I had been on top of things, ya’ll wouldn’t have noticed a single glitch, but I’m not on top […]

Everyone likes to think of art classes as easy As and art degrees as just coloring all day. Let me tell you, the arts are consistently listed as one of the hardest degrees. Look here, here, and here for proof. Why is it so hard? I can only answer from […]

6 Reasons Art Degrees Are No Joke

Here’s the link to my Studio Vox feature. I’m really excited about this write-up because they came to me. That always feels good. I found my old cell phone that acts as a hot spot so I can get online for a few posts here and there. I have very […]

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