About The Artist

Elisha Dasenbrock

Ee-lee-sha  Da-zen-brock

Elisha Dasenbrock

I know what you’re thinking. Who is that delightful gypsy? I know, right? I ask myself that same question every  morning. Then I realize, I’m just looking in a mirror.

This blog was created to journal my career as an artist, share my work, and develop a community to discuss art, travel, and life in general. I almost forgot, dogs.

I was born and raised in a town of roughly 69 people, in the middle of Illinois. If you like cornfields and beer it’s great. If you like a little more variety, a weekend will do.   I went to a private art school, where I earned my Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Watercolor.  I lived in Chicago for 8 years. The Windy City will always be my home and I miss it terribly. I do not miss the cold so I will continue to wave from afar. I’ve been in many shows, Morpho Gallery’s Up and Coming show, several Illinois Watercolor Society juried exhibitions, and  a solo show at Flavor’s Cafe and Wine Bar to name a few.

I’ve been featured on EmptyEasel.com. I have hung my work at Flavor’s, Barnes and Noble, Cafe Con Leche, and now The Bowery Art Gallery. The latter two are both in Apalachicola, Florida.

I am a watercolor artist, using a limited palette of 4-6 colors, but mostly 4. I paint on a surface known as claybord. This surface, unlike paper, does not absorb the pigment. This makes painting with watercolor a bit tricky since the paint can easily lift during each new layer. I think this makes the task at hand a bit more interesting. This surface is very sturdy and can be hung as is or framed without glass. I add at least 5 layers of protective finish to ensure the paint stays where I put it so you won’t get a visit by the disappointed gorilla.



I have a pack of dogs. Lola, the boss, Beasley, the beast, he destroys everything and that makes me sad, and Gunnar, the little prince. He destroys everything and that makes me sad. He makes Beasley look like the best dog ever. You’ll see them around.




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Hobbies: Reading, knitting, chocolate, travel, go karts, Super Mario Bros., Darts. Yes, 13 yr old boys wish they were cool like me. Except for the knitting part.


I live full-time in an RV that I rebuilt with my brother and a friend. I  travel across the country.


Join us on our adventures.



I am a member of the Illinois Watercolor Society.